Spirit Lake Baptist Church

July, 2014, Evangelism & soccer camps

Today is the second day of sport's camp with 20 kids with smiling faces waiting for the gate to open. As we greet the kids, they are excited for what they have in store for them for the day. A lot of these kids were here the first day as well.  We pray for these kids for the day and there after. These kids need love, but also need guidance and direction. These kids have plenty of energy and excitement. As we prepare the kids for some Bible time, you can see they have a hard time paying attention. That doesn't stop our 11 teenagers to continue with their plan. Our group is learning as much as the kids are. When we left Spirit Lake, Idaho, we had 11 teenagers that had lots to learn, but they believed they could take on what ever task come their way. These kids are spoiled rotten in their homes, and have lots to learn about life as well, compared to the kids in Belize. Now remember, all things are possible with Christ, and once again He showed us that.
Our kids pulled together, praise God.  They brought 30 souls to Christ and really learned how the less fortunate family learns how to pull together and make it work. They may go hungry today, but they do whatever they have to, to survive.
These young kids made a huge impact in our teenagers lifes and their hearts. I watched them cry, laugh, pray, play, and feed the poor. The village they feed,  some would of went without food that day, but by the grace of God, they did not and food was delivered by 11 smiling teenagers from a small town in Northern Idaho. To God be the glory because He gave us the opportunity to serve His people in whatever we could.
Thank you for giving us the pleasure to serve in whatever we could.
God Is Good All The Time.
All The Time God Is Good. 
Thank You. 


Kelly Thiel, Idaho team


Ralph N. Digman was the founder of Body & Soul Ministries. Early on October 16, 2017, he saw the face of Jesus and it took his breath away. He is now at the feet of his Father. Ralph touched so many people both in the U.S. and in Belize. He was a mighty servant of our Lord.  Please pray especially for the love of his life, Penny.  

If you wish to honor Ralph, Penny has asked that a donation be made in Ralph's memory to Body & Soul Ministries, P.O. Box 2339, Church Hill, TN 37642.


Rest in Peace good and faithful servant.  We all miss you!


Body and Soul Ministries is a Christian organization.  Our Statement of faith is based Upon the Bible and we consider it imperative to preach the Good News of Jesus and to live out our faith.