Medical/Dental team  February 7 - 14, 2015

Kera McNelis:

One woman was so filled with gratitude, she offered us one of her three chickens despite her poverty.  I am touched to have met so many generous loving people in Belize.


Simply by creating quarter sized eyes and a toothless smile, God can melt anyone's heart.

Judy Royston:

So many feelings I have discovered while on this trip.  God showing me ways that I can minister to other people.  The people in the villages are such a blessing and they are so appreciative of all that is being done for them.  I want to take the love that has been shown to me this week.

Brent Virts:

To deny yourself and submit to His will completely is an experience and closeness to God you will never forget.  The need is so great..

Trish Grubbs:

Awesome experience.  Loved all the children, modest accommodations, but so very comfortable, excellent food.  Able to use medical knowledge in a world of poverty.  God's light shines here the same as it does at home, but much more clearly.  Plan on coming back.

Jerry Grubbs, my husband, was handy in all aspects of the trip, pharmacy, carpenter, driver, triage, handyman...he is such a  kind and gentle soul.

Nameless remark:

Psalm 24: The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it.  The earth and the sky and all who live in it...

Nameless remark:

The hand of God is truly at work at the Body and Soul compound in Belize.

Nameless remark:

I must decrease that He may increase.  Get out of the way, that He may show Himself more.


After one of our dental patient's received his new teeth, he was seen going down the road shouting, "Now, I can find a girlfriend tonight."  Joy!

Michael Hennis: North Carolina

This was my first trip on foreign soil and it could not have been better.  The facilities and food, fellowship and love, could not have been better.  I went from a pooper scooper to a pharmacist in less that 24 hours.  This could only happen to me in Belize.

Medical/Eye team January 31 - February 7, 2015

Medical team August, 2014

February 1-8, 2014, MEDICAL, DENTAL, VISION

Feb 1, 2014, 24 people came together at the Body and Soul Ministries Clinic in Roaring Creek, Belize, for a week long Christian based medical mission.  Medical, Dental and Vision services were provided at the clinic as well as several remote clinics.  For some members of our team, this was their first experience with a Christian based medical mission team outside of the United States.  The one thing we always tell the “rookies” and remind the returning team members is that we are the hands and feet of Christ during our time in Belize.  But by the week’s end, even though they will have provided care and helped many people, they will be the ones most changed and having received the most blessings from the people they have served.

As our mission week came to a close, we feel all would agree with the words of Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.  We want to thank Body and Soul Ministries for the opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters of Belize in the name of Jesus Christ.


Cham and Conti McMillin

Ralph N. Digman was the founder of Body & Soul Ministries. Early on October 16, 2017, he saw the face of Jesus and it took his breath away. He is now at the feet of his Father. Ralph touched so many people both in the U.S. and in Belize. He was a mighty servant of our Lord.  Please pray especially for the love of his life, Penny.  

If you wish to honor Ralph, Penny has asked that a donation be made in Ralph's memory to Body & Soul Ministries, P.O. Box 2339, Church Hill, TN 37642.


Rest in Peace good and faithful servant.  We all miss you!


Body and Soul Ministries is a Christian organization.  Our Statement of faith is based Upon the Bible and we consider it imperative to preach the Good News of Jesus and to live out our faith.